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Organisational structure „Luther 2017“

By naming different theme years until 2016, the Luther Decade heads towards the Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. By doing so, the public awareness for the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther´s posting of the theses at the church door is focused and enriched. At the same time the preparations for the ceremony in 2017 are structured.

Already before the official start of the Luther Decade in 2008 there was the plan to celebrate this event of great historic importance. In the meantime this initiative has been institutionalized with the Luther Decade. The Decade is led by jointly attended boards (Board of trustees and the Steering Committee). Two agencies at Wittenberg are responsible for the performance and act as contact persons. A scientific board as well as work groups, focusing on the themes “Exhibitions“, „Music“, „Tourism and Public Relations“ and „School and Education“ accompany the Decade with regards to content. Further social operatees contributed and still contribute to design and form the Luther Decade as well as the Anniversary of the Reformation.