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We are participating: Mosaik

Martin Luther with the three Abrafaxes. (Photo: MOSAIK)

Since March 2016 the Abrafaxes, heroes of the monthly comic book “Mosaik”, have brought the world of Central Germany around 1517 to life in entertaining fashion. For the first decades of the sixteenth century have so many similarities to our own epoch: the media revolution, the sudden expansion of the world beyond comprehension, the onset of social transformation reaching far into the future – all things we are familiar with. Yet on the other hand, the Middle Ages permeated every area of everyday life.

Quite apart from the fact that events of the sixteenth century continue to impact on our present times, quite apart from the rumbling of history then, there are so many little aspects of everyday life that sometimes seem familiar to us and yet sometimes seem unbelievably foreign and bizarre. A teenager with a passion for drawing and a cheerful girl who is sent to a convent, the Augustinian monk Luther and the all-round talent Cranach, the pope, his architect Raffael and a whole panorama of other personalities from contemporary history come to life in “Mosaik” and accompany the Abrafaxes on their incredible adventures.

The idea was born in 2014

 In 2014 we came up with the idea of doing something about Luther and the Reformation period. Initially only one issue was planned, but the wealth of material and the many parallels with our time captivated us so much that we wanted to do more with it. After we had talked about it in our monthly editorial meeting and considered who might be a reliable partner, that very afternoon the phone rang.

The cover of “Mosaik” issue 489 shows one of the dangers of nailing Martin Luther’s theses to the church door in Wittenberg. (Photo: MOSAIK)

A member of staff at Saxony-Anhalt’s ministry for culture who is a big “Mosaik” fan enquired whether we would be interested in meeting up, since he had a great idea for a new protagonist for our comic called Luther. It was such an unbelievable coincidence, and since this meant we could get the state office “Luther 2017” on board, it was an easy decision to produce an entire series on the Reformation.

Research on the ground in Wittenberg

For instance, when we started working on the current series based on the Reformation, we took the whole team to Wittenberg. The director of the state office “Luther 2017” spent the whole day taking us around the place, showing and explaining everything to us: the Luther House, the Castle Church, the door to which he is said to have nailed his theses, the whole town. We took copious photos and made many videos to provide the artists with a basis for their work. This was very helpful for developing the atmosphere in the comic. Our artists obtained a direct impression of the area and an idea of what it might have been like back then.

But as for question as to how the theses were attached to the church door, our experts too had to pass – there are several theories to this day. We can rule out sellotape – in our comic, Brabax simply has a hammer and nails with him.


Author:Mosaik Date:24-02-17
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