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Advance ticket available for National Special Exhibitions Immerse yourself in the age of the Reformation with the combined ticket

The centrepiece of the anniversary of the Reformation is formed by the three National Special Exhibitions held next year in Berlin, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Eisenach. Advance ticket sales began on Reformation Day 2016, when the jubilee year was launched with a festival service and an opening ceremony.

The full force of the Reformation

A complex event like the Reformation, which not only impacted on the Church but also had a far-reaching impact on society and cultural and economic life, cannot be covered by a single exhibition – especially after its influence has continued to be felt for over 500 years. Hence in the jubilee year the Deutsches Historisches Museum, the Wartburg Foundation and the Luther Memorials Foundation in Saxony-Anhalt are collaborating to create three unique exhibitions on Martin Luther and the Reformation with the title “The Full Power of the Reformation”. The renowned museums will examine the topic in all its different aspects and facets to make it accessible for a broad public.

The exhibitions all have a different focus in terms of content. In Berlin the exhibition “The Luther Effect. Protestantism – 500 Years in the World” will be the first to relate the global history of Protestantism and its potential for conflict between cultures. At Wartburg Castle, an authentic site of the German culture of remembrance, the special exhibition “Luther and the Germans” examines the reformer Martin Luther from a national perspective, investigating how each period in German history created its own image of Luther. In Wittenberg, on the other hand, the exhibition “Luther! 95 Treasures – 95 People” invites visitors to accompany the young Martin Luther on his way through the Reformation and experience the impact he had on famous figures of the last 500 years.

Combined ticket at a reduced price

The three National Special Exhibitions are a unique project of national and international significance. They complement and build on each other, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of crucial aspects of the Reformation. A visit to one exhibition will thus pique curiosity about the others too. Up-to-date information on the National Special Exhibitions’ background, exhibits and programmes can be found at

Advance tickets have been available to purchase on the website since Reformation Day. Individual tickets for selected exhibitions can be bought and printed out via the convenient web shop. Those opting to visit all three exhibitions can use a combined ticket available from 24 euros, a saving equivalent to entry to a single exhibition. The ticket is valid for the entire run, on all days and at all times.

Ticket prices:

Single ticket: 12 euros per person; 8 euros concession 

Combined ticket National Special Exhibitions: 24 euros

For further information regarding tickets see 

The National Special Exhibitions marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation are funded by the Federal Government Commisioner for Culture and the Media and held under the patronage of the Federal President.



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Three perspectives on Luther

The three National Special Exhibitions are the main contribution by the government and the federal states to the anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The focal points of the exhibitions were recently presented for the first time.

National Special Exhibitions marking the anniversary of the Reformation in 2017

A significant highlight of the reformation anniversary 2017 will be three National Special Exhibitions hosted by Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, and Berlin.