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The Reformer loved trees

apple tree
Martin Luther loved trees. Many a legend surrounds the apple tree. (Photocase/simon stock)


Many legends surround Martin Luther and the trees. He loved them and was delighted by them. The fresh Spring green of the trees was for him a symbol for the resurrection of the dead. It is said that in the trees he beheld divine grace in earthly life.

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant an apple tree today", Martin Luther is said to have proclaimed. However, there is no proof that he ever uttered this sentence. Volkmar Joestel, author of the book "Legenden um Martin Luther und andere Geschichten aus Wittenberg" (Legends around Martin Luther and other stories from Wittenberg) assumes that this sentence was ascribed to the Reformer in the difficult times of hope and despair after the Second World War.