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He was born in Eisleben, studied in Erfurt, preached in Wittenberg, was sent to Rome and interrogated in Augsburg, he was disputed over at the Diet of Worms, he translated the Bible into the German language at Wartburg and was exiled to Coburg fortress – the list of places that Martin Luther went to or affected is long. In many places that the reformer, his comrades and even their adversaries visited, people are remembering the events and the epochal changes that took place at that time: In Nuremberg, the media centre of the last medieval years, from where the distribution of Luther’s works was supported, in Altenburg where the “leader of the Reformation” worked behind the scenes, or in Halle, regarding itself the “cradle of the Reformation”. These and many more places devote themselves and their cultural and historical heritage to remembering the Reformation.