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Memorial site for Luther pilgrims since the end of the 17th century

The house where Luther was born was built in the middle of the fifteenth century as a burgher’s home. Luther’s father rented it shortly before Luther’s birth in 1483. The ground floor still retains its original floor plan.

Memorial for Luther pilgrims

The building burned to the ground in 1689. The town of Eisleben had it restored in 1693 and converted it into a memorial site for Luther. Since the nineteenth century, the house has been used as a museum.

Exhibition with 250 exhibits

It was modernised and expanded between 2005 and 2007 and the amount of exhibition space was increased from 500 to 700 square metres. The ‘Luther charity school’, created by Frederick William III, King of Prussia, was also incorporated into the project at this time. The new exhibition, ‘Von daher bin ich – Martin Luther und Eisleben' (That’s where I’m from – Martin Luther and Eisleben) reveals the social conditions that shaped Luther’s childhood and youth. About 250 objects, dating from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century, will be shown. The rooms of the ground floor take the family's historical home as their point of departure and offer guests a special highlight.