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Luther's stay during the meeting of the Schmalkaldic League

Framed by the typical Schmalkaldic timber-framed houses, the gable of the Luther House points towards the square that has been named after it (until 1837 it was the potter's market), and the eaves towards the castle hill. During the most important meeting of the Schmalkaldic League from February 7th until 26th, 1537, Martin Luther lived here as guest of the Hessian bursar Balthasar Wilhelm.

A stucco plaque from 1687 with an inscription, the swan as a symbol for the Reformer, as well as Luther's and Melanchthon's seals, serves as a memorial. The Luther House itself is only accessible within a guided city tour. The 17 km long Martin Luther trail to Tambach-Diethart starts at the Luther House and follows Luther's route from 1537.