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The Reformer's house during his school days

Luther House in Eisenach
Luther House in Eisenach (Bild: © Stiftung Lutherhaus Eisenach (Anna-Lena Thamm))

The Luther House is one of the oldest timber-framed houses in Eisenach. For a long time it was owned by the Cotta family. Martin Luther is said to have lived there during his school days in Eisenach, from 1498 until 1501.

Exhibition in memory of Luther's youth

In 1956, after the damages caused by the bombings during the Second World War had been removed, the church in the state of Thuringia opened a Luther memorial in this house. The exhibition covers the Reformer's youth and the creation and significance of Luther's bible translation. The upper floor houses the exhibition of the archive of Lutheran vicarages. The importance of the Lutheran vicarage for science and culture is illustrated with selected biographical examples.

The Luther House in Eisenach is currently being renovated and re-opened in 2015 with a new permanent exhibition. The educational projects and the book shop of the Bible Café are temporarily housed next door, in the Creutznacher House at the Market Square.

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Until today, Eisenach is defined by its famous landmark, Wartburg castle above the city. Both the city and the fortress are important places in Martin Luther's life.