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The house where the former nun and wife of Luther died

More than once during her lifetime, Katharina von Bora happened to come to the city of Torgau, which today houses a memorial site dedicated to Martin Luther's wife. Torgau was the first location of Katharina von Bora's path into secular life, after she had fled, aged 24, from the convent in Nimbschen near Grimma.

The woman at Luther's side

Together with eight other nuns, Katharina von Bora later came to Wittenberg. There, at the side of Martin Luther, she organised the first parsonage with its large-scale economy in the Black Monastery. When the plague broke out in Wittenberg in 1552, after Luther's death, Katharina came back to Torgau to find protection there. She witnessed the engagement of her son Paul with the daughter of a patrician family, Anna von Warbeck, and the 18th birthday of her youngest daughter Margarethe, before she died on December 20th, in the house that today has the address Katharinenstraße 11. 

The pretty Renaissance building is now a memorial site and a museum dedicated to Luther's wife. The exhibition presents artworks and objects of everyday culture of Katharina's time, outlining the biography of this extraordinary woman, who was closely connected to her husband's reformatory activities.