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The Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt is the centre of the Luther Way in Thuringia

Kreuzgang im Augustinerkloster Erfurt
Cloister in the Augustinian Monastery Erfurt. (Photo: Toma Babovic/Thüringer Tourismus GmbH)

Many location of Martin Luther's life can be found in Thuringia. The Reformer went to school in Eisenach and studied theology in Erfurt. Above the peaks of the Thuringian Forest thrones the majestic Wartburg, where Luther translated the New Testament. Luther's traces and the confrontation with the person and the work of the Reformer can be found almost everywhere, The Luther Trail in Thuringia shall connect more than 30 of these places and sites, covering a length of around 900 kilometres.

All sections meet in Erfurt

Currently, this route is still under construction. The first section was inaugurated in October 2009. Until 2011, 100 kilometres have been added, an additional 400 kilometres are planned for 2012. The paths are equipped with signs, signposts and groups of seats. Information tables explain the historical sites and the places of interest along the route. Until the end of 2014, the whole path network shall be made accessible.

On five sections the paths of the Reformer can already be followed both on foot and in spirit. Erfurt and its Augustinian Monastery lie in the centre of the Luther Way in Thuringia. Starting from there, on can follow Luther's footsteps on four different routes, leading amongst other places to Möhra, Eisenach, Erfurt and Neustadt an der Orla. The path network will be connected with the Luther Trail Saxony as well as the Luther Trail Saxony-Anhalt.