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Part of the Central German Luther Way

The Luther Trail in Saxony is an invitation to visit the places of work of Martin Luther and other Reformers. It makes the development and the consequences of the Reformation in Saxony accessible. As a hiking trail, it winds its way through regions with scenic landscapes, making use of routes that are hundreds of years old and connect sites of interest, especially in the Valley of the Castles.

The path leads to cities where the Reformation had soon gained a foothold, for example Torgau, Eilenburg and Zwickau. Some sites are closely connected to the life of Martin Luther's wife, Katharina von Bora. She fled from the convent in Nimbschen near Grimma, later run the estate of Zöllsdorf near Neukieritzsch, and died in Torgau. It was a woman, Duchess Elisabeth of Saxony, who, in 1537, had introduced the Reformation in the area around Rochlitz. In some places it had happened after 1539, for example in Leipzig, where, in 1519, the famous Leipzig disputation had been held. Due to the imperial ban, it was not until after 1639 that Luther was able to visit there again several times.

Connections to the international network as pilgrimage and hiking trails

To be walking the Luther Trail also means to discover how the concerns of the Reformation influenced the building and the decoration of Protestant churches. Eminent examples of the piety during the times before the Reformation have been included, also Wurzen and Mügen, where Catholic bishops resided at times.

Apart from information about the land, its people and the historical sites, the notion of pilgrimage takes a fundamental position. Everything that can be seen and experienced is an invitation to reflect one's own everyday life and inner orientation. The Luther Way in Saxony is a part of the Central German Luther Way with routes in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. At the same time, the Way of St. James and the Luther Way in Bavaria provide a connection to the international network of hiking trails. The Luther Way belongs to the pan-European range of spiritual tourism.

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