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Around 500 years ago Europe was just about to leave behind the middle ages. A new era began – not only for theology in regards to the Reformation, but also for philosophy, the hard sciences and of course architecture. Half a century later buildings of all kinds give testimony of this adventurous spirit. Towns and places that were shaped by the Reformation devote themselves to the events and epochal changes of that time. Churches, town halls, palaces and castles tell us of this revolutionary mindset as they show us the milestones of the lives of Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon and their contemporary reformers. 

The town of Torgau that we call the “Reformation hotspot”, the Evangelical Monastery of St Augustine's in Erfurt that Martin Luther joined at the age of 21 or Nuremberg serving as media centre for printing and distributing Luther’s theses – these and many more sites with their cultural and historical heritage invite you to explore the Reformation’s legacy.

Hikers have the possibility to discover sites of the Reformation far away from highly frequented roads. Luther’s paths to churches, living places and domains of other reformers lead through the most beautiful landscapes. Those who are willing to take the pilgrim’s path will discover the Reformation’s legacy beyond the history books.