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Event Highlights 2017

In 2017 Reformation Day on 31 October will be a nationwide holiday for the first time.

On this same day 500 years ago, Martin Luther published his 95 theses protesting against the abuse of papal indulgences. He sent his theses together with letters to the Church authorities and legend has it he nailed them to the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. Thanks to the printing press, which was already well established by then, his theses spread like wildfire throughout the country. 

To this day, Luther’s theses are considered the beginning of the Reformation, one of the most important events in Germany history. Be it politics, music, art, economy, society, language or law, no area of life remained untouched. The Reformation’s impact on our current times, on our life today is the focus of the anniversary year of 2017, which is being marked by many superb events.

Visitors from all over the world can experience impressive sights, find new religious impulses and discover the impact of reformatory awakening in exhibitions, concerts or congresses.

Participate in the journey and experience Reformation in the Here and Now.