Church music

Church music – Good News in the the ear

ChoirPhoto: epd-bild/Jens SchulzeSinging together, for example in the parish, connects and inspires.Martin Luther brought the "hits" of his time, the popular tunes and the folk songs of the Middle Ages, into the church by making the parishioners sing. And in the epochal works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Luther's own songs became the epitome of church music.

Since that time, hymns convey biblical insights and touch the soul of the people – going even beyond the message that is contained in the lyrics. Music speaks to the heart and the senses and reaches beyond the mind. Based on these impulses is a very specific Protestant church music tradition, for which Johann Walter has already laid a foundation during Luther's lifetime.

One of the fundamental concerns of the Reformation is that everybody participates actively in the music. Until today, singing and making music together is an especially vital and attractive part of Protestant parish life. The important role of the organ has not always been as self-evident as it seems to be today. Read more about where the music is playing in the Evangelical Church.

    Easter exultation "Hallelujah": in the charts for 2000 years

    It is a little bit like fasting for the voice and the ears for nine weeks there is no exultation in church. The hallelujah, inherent part of the Sunday service, falls silent during Lent. When it is solemnly sung again during the Easter vigil, a fossil of liturgical chants resounds again.

    Martin Luther: Father of songs

    Doctor Martinus wrote chorales which are classics in our hymn book even today. They are austere, earthy and skilful.

    For the organ

    Why do we need an instrument in the church at all? For more than thousand of years, Christians celebrated their church services without instrumental accompaniment. They sung.

    Johann Walter

    Johann Walter, who was born in Kahla in Thuringia, is considered to be the first choirmaster of the Evangelical Church. Many melodies for Luther's songs have been written in co-operation with Johann Walter. He was the editor of the first Protestant choir book.