Rediscovery of a more than 450 years old letter by Luther

The letter documents positions taken by Luther and Melanchthon

A letter written in the 16th century by the Reformers Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon to Duke Barnim of Pomerania, which had been believed to be lost, was rediscovered in the archive of the city of Stralsund. The city administration of Stalsund announced that, until now, it was assumed that the document had been lost in the turmoil of the Second World War.

The letter was written on July 2nd, 1545, and is a copy of a letter written in the same year. It documents the position taken by Luther and Melanchthon as well as other Reformers and contemporaries like Johannes Bugenhagen, Caspar Cruzinger, Georg Maior and Justus Jonas with regards to the events in Stolp, Pomerania, during that time.