Annual Topic 2012

Annual topic 2012 - Reformation and music

Furtwängler organFoto: epd-bild/Jens SchulzeFurtwängler organ in the protestant church of Kirche Beber / Bad Münder"Music is a gift of God, it dispels the devil and makes the people joyful." This is how Martin Luther describes the significance of music for faith and for the soul. The "nightingale of Wittenberg", as Luther was called because of the numerous song texts he wrote, had a high esteem for congregational song as the "singing proclamation" of the Gospel and the new teachings.

This is why singing soon became a characteristic trait of the people of Lutheran faith – and one of the sharpest weapons of the Reformation. The first German hymns of the Reformers were belted out as protest songs. And since that time, singing was part of Protestant church services – for the whole congregation. These impulses and innovations laid the foundation for a rich tradition of songwriting and church music in Protestantism. During the theme year 2012 of the Luther Decade, it will be unfolded and appreciated under the headline "Reformation and music".

    Luther's heirs remember the power of music

    On Reformation Day, the Luther memorial year "Reformation and Music" begins. With a series of concerts, the Evangelical Church will offer experiences for the senses during 2012. This might become a cultural "impulse of power"; the organiser says.

    Protest songs and the singing of Psalms – Luther as a musician

    Singing was one of the earliest traits of people of Lutheran faith – and one of the sharpest weapons of the Reformation. Luther himself wrote and composed catchy tunes, which the Protestants belted out as protest songs.

    Annual Topic 2012

    The Reformation laid a foundation for the European musical culture – from congregational singing to music-making in the home. Protagonists of this movement are composers like Bach, Schütz, Telemann and Händel, but also the St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig, which celebrates its 800th anniversary in 2012.

    Concert project "366plus1: The church resounds 2012"

    During all 366 days of the leap year 2012, a ribbon of concerts, church services and soirees will follow the domino effect and run through the whole of Germany in the context of the theme year "Reformation and Music".

    Boys' choir of St. Thomas in Leipzig celebrates its 800th anniversary

    With numerous concerts, exhibitions, and its very own motion picture, the choir of St. Thomas in Leipzig will celebrate its 800th anniversary next year.