Christian Danz: Luther. Calvin. Melanchthon

Ihre Schlüsseltexte im Porträt. Darmstadt: Auditorium maximum 2010. CD; 80 minutes. ISBN 978-3-534-60126-4, 12,90 Euro

In this audio book, the three theology professors manage to present an excellent compilation of, and comments on, the basic insights and main statements of the most important theologians of the Reformation. Apart from their theology, their personalities are also clearly depicted.

The history of Christian theology is also a history of Christian literature. This is confirmed by the selection of the respective key writings. Melanchthon's "loci communes...", Luther's "de servo arbitrio" and Calvin's "institutio" are the reference texts. They are examined according to their  context, their position with regards to the personal character of the author, their content and their reception history. The very different and yet interdependent works serve as an aid to understand the Bible well and correctly, and to draw conclusions accordingly.

The CD offers an introduction into the basic understandings of the Reformation, and it is not surprising that the teachings of justification and double predestination, as well as the free will, are important notions. Until today, they influence theology, not only the Protestant one. Klaus Zippel reads the book in a calm, unobtrusive and secure manner.

This CD should find its place and be heard not only by specialists, because it offers a great basic introduction into the thinking of the Reformation.