500 Jahre Reformation

Luther Decade

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Theme Year "Reformation and Politics"

During the Luther Decade, the church and the state collaborate in creating ten theme years, forging the path towards the Reformation anniversary in 2017. On October 31st, 2013, the theme year "Reformation and Politics" has begun.
Authority and personal responsibility, faith and power, freedom of conscience and human rights: these are issues of the Reformation that remain with us today and deserve wide discussion in churches and society. more


For the first time, the Reformed Churches have agreed on a nationwide umbrella brand. more
As one of 19 Reformation sites in Germany, the house where Katharina Luther died will be marked as an eminent place of Reformation history. more
The shared motto shall emphasise the special significance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation for the worldwide community of Lutherans. more
Gunther Emmerlich lost his bet: during the traditional city festival in Wittenberg, coins were collected as donations; they amounted to the singer's weight. more
The new museum “Luther's parental home” is the only exhibition worldwide that is dedicated to the childhood of the Reformer. Some of the exhibits come from a rubbish pit. They prove that songbirds were eaten at the table of the Luther family. more

Sites of the Reformation

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Theme year 2014
Theme year 2014 - Reformation and Politics
From its very beginning, the Reformation has engaged in an active interplay with politics. State power and God's reign, authority and maturity, obedience and freedom of conscience – both church...
The most famous clergyman's wife of the world: Katharina von Bora
Today we would say: the wife of the Reformer wears the breeches. This is why Martin Luther called her his "Herr Katie". She continues to be an inspiration as a clever and energetic woman,...
Luther Way
On the Luther Way: Reformation history, experienced on foot
Step by step, far from the busy roads, the sites of the Reformation along the Luther Way in Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia or Saxony can be explored. The routes lead to churches, the homes and the...

Luther and the Consequences - 500 Years of Reformation History